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Award Winning Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer

Best Magician 4 Kids!

Award Winning Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer 4 Kids!

Birthday Parties

Dear Busy Parent,

BIRTHDAY PARTIES CAN BE A TON OF FUN! THEY CAN ALSO FALL APART QUICKLY IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED and don't have enough activities to keep everyone busy. Imagine all of those kids running around with nothing to do! A bounce house and balloons just isn't going to cut need live entertainment!

YOUR CHILD'S BIRTHDAY ONLY COMES AROUND ONCE PER YEAR! If you want to make the party a HUGE HIT this year but are not quite sure what will work well for a group of children, look no further. Todd McKinney (Hilarious Comedy Magician) can make your birthday party worries disappear and make you look like a party planning professional.

If you are planning on having 10, 20, 50 or even more kids at the party and you need someone who can entertain them all (including the teenagers and the adults), you've landed at the right spot. 

Todd McKinney is now in his 30th year of performing at birthday parties for families as a "full time" award winning entertainer. Todd is the ONLY MAGICIAN in the area who has performed at over 3000 birthday parties. That's right- he has actually performed at over 3000 parties! Experience like this cannot be matched! So, if you want YOUR CHILD to have the most experienced birthday party performer that kids (and their parents too) will absolutely LOVE, look no further. FACT: WHEN YOU BRING TODD TO THE PARTY, YOU CAN EXPECT A CELEBRATION- GUARANTEED! 

Amazing Magic Tricks: Todd's entire 45 minute show is filled with awesome mind blowing magic tricks that kids can understand and ones that will even fool the adults. Todd performs original routines that are designed exclusively for his show that you will not find anywhere else. No boring card tricks, coin tricks or rope tricks in this show! Imagine all of the kids and parents hanging on to the edge of their seats in pure amazement. Todd offers the most age-appropriate family magic show you'll find anywhere. It's not cheesy and boring like most magic shows out there today!

Tons Of Audience Participation: Rather than the kids having to sit and just watch the show, they actually get to be up in the action. Todd chooses several lucky children to come up and be volunteers throughout the show. You'll never have to worry about the kids being restless! Audience participation guarantees a very successful party!

Birthday Child Is The Star Of The Show: The focus of the magic show is put on the birthday child and how special they really are. Your son or daughter will start the show off in a super cool trick set to music that will fascinate the entire audience. 

Sneaker Juice: Introducing Todd's newest and funniest routine ever. Guaranteed to have everyone in the room scratching their heads wondering how and why. It's really funny, it's kinda' gross (which kids love) and of course, it's magic. Imagine a borrowed kids sneaker, a cup of water and a ton of laughs. You won't believe what ends up in the shoe. What Todd does with it in the end will have the entire audience saying, "ewww" and wanting more. Let's just say that the kids will be begging for more "juice!"

What Is It: This is one of Todd's signature pieces of magic that he has been presenting for over twenty years. It's part game part magic trick using three large red balls. The magic actually takes place in the hands of two children who will laugh like crazy and beg to know how it's done. The balls literally jump from one pair of hands to the other in what seems to be down right impossible. Even other magicians can't figure this one out!

The Secret Box: Without a doubt, the most talked about part of the show happens right here. Not only does the comedy in this routine really make it stand out but so does the magic. Designed for audiences of all ages (from the younger kids all the way to Grandma and Grandpa), this trick has something for everyone. An object is borrowed from an adult in the audience and somehow disappears inside of a child's hand only to later reappear in an absolutely impossible location. When we say an impossible location, we mean impossible. We don't want to give away too much here so you'll have to just wait until you see the show. Sorry!

And this is just the first 30 minutes!

Something Very Important You Don't Want To Overlook...

Your child's special day is a day that should be filled with lots of smiles and laughter. It is the only time of year that you will invite a TOTAL STRANGER to your home or other location. Who you let around your child and their party guests is pretty important. Do you agree?

Todd McKinney has teamed up with GigMasters (an online party planning company) and Sterling Background Screening to put your mind at ease. Each year Todd goes through a very extensive background clearance to ensure that he is suitable to be working around children. In fact, many schools, churches, public libraries and companies require a background screening to be sure that the performer they choose is indeed safe around children. There are some VERY SCARY and CREEPY CHARACTERS out there today. Please be careful! Todd is one of a very select few performers that offer such a clearance. 

Todd is a parent himself of two young boys (Ty and John) and he is very picky about who he lets around his family. You should be just as picky!

Dedicated to making your child's party a huge success,

How much does the show cost? Since Todd is a "full time" professional entertainer averaging 400 shows per year, his fees are based on delivering a quality performance. In other words, he is not one of those "$150.00 discount entertainers" that show up with a briefcase and bore the kids and parents with card tricks. We actually have parents tell us all the time that they are surprised how affordable the show really is compared to other party options. If price is the deciding factor on who you hire, Todd McKinney is probably not the best match for you. There are lots of "cheap entertainers" out there that offer a low price but quality is not part of their performance. Unfortunately these performers are often times the ones that will cancel on you at the last minute when another gig comes in that offers to pay them more. So, if you are willing to spend a little more on entertainment, Todd will deliver an outstanding show that everyone will rave about. Please call Toll Free @ 866-829-2286 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page for pricing information. We will not try to throw you a "sales pitch" of any kind. Good entertainment isn't cheap and cheap entertainment isn't good!

What is the deal with websites like GigMasters, GigSalad and Thumbtack? These sites usually always rank at the top of search engines like Google and Yahoo. These sites are all designed with one thing in mind- putting entertainers into a "bidding war" to see who will give you the cheapest price. Entertainment is like everything else in life- you get what you pay for. Buyer beware: Some of the performers listed on these sites are known for not showing up to a party and canceling at the last minute when they get a party that offers them more money. Could you imagine all of the kids being excited about the magician and then he does a "disappearing act" at the last minute? These sites do not have "talent requirements" of any kind and are only designed to make the website money. You will notice that almost all of these sites charge an additional "booking fee" when selecting one of the performers listed. Although Todd is listed on these sites, he does not compete on price and he will not cancel no matter what someone pays. One of the important things to look at on these sites are the reviews. You will notice that Todd has numerous 5 star reviews from real parents and real bookings where many others have less than 5 stars and very few bookings; if any at all. There is a reason for this!

What forms of payment are accepted? We currently accept cash as well as all major credit and debit cards. Sorry- we do not take personal checks at this time.

Is a deposit required? Yes, a small non-refundable deposit is requested to hold the time and date you want. Worried about sharing your credit card information? Don't be as we are happy to send you a receipt and a confirmation letter by email within minutes of you booking your party. We can send you an electronic invoice so that you can pay online without us ever seeing your credit card information. The balance is due at the party!   

What age group is best for the show? The show is designed for kids ages 5-13 and fun loving adults. Children ages 4 and under will also enjoy the show but are requested to be seated behind the older children because of their short attention span and not being able to stay seated for a long period.

How many guests can we invite? It's your party so please feel free to invite as many guests as you want. Unlike party places, Todd does not charge based on how many children attend. 

Is it okay to have more than one child celebrating their party? Absolutely! Todd will make sure that each child gets to help out during the show. The other child will get to help out with another part of the show. Note: There is no additional fee for having more than one child celebrating on the same day.

What dates and times are available? Shows are available any day of the week at any time of day you want. Since Todd performs "full time" there are no time restrictions. He does not perform on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or on Christmas day as these dates are reserved for time with his family.

What about food and snacks during the show? Please save all snacks, food and drinks until after the show is done. If kids have popcorn, cake, pizza or drinks during the show, it really does create a disaster. Since the children will be getting up and down, your floor will be covered with a big mess. Also, the kids will touching some of the props and sticky fingers make Todd's props suffer. 

How far in advance should I book the magic show? This is really an impossible question to answer. There are times when you may be able to book Todd with only a few days notice. There are also times when you may have to book several months in advance. Weekends fill up very fast so we suggest booking as soon as possible. We highly recommend that you book the magic show before you send out your invitations!

When will Todd arrive? Todd will arrive about 20 minutes prior to the show starting. He does request private time with no-one in the room. There are several things in the show which are hidden from the audience which is why he needs this private time to put the show together. This is the perfect time to play a game or serve a quick snack in another room or outside.

How much space is needed for the show? Todd can perform in pretty much any room. All he needs is a wall or fireplace behind him. The idea is that he can't have anyone behind him. It is best to have the kids seated on the floor (not in chairs or at tables) with the adults behind the children. 

When should we start the magic show? We suggest waiting about 20-30 minutes after the party begins as people tend to show up late to birthday parties. You can also have the show at the end of the party if you want.

Can we do the show outside? We are sorry but the show has to be indoors. Note: If you live in a two story home, the show must take place on the first floor. Todd's road cases and some of the illusions are pretty heavy. Transporting them upstairs and downstairs is not an easy task.

Where can we do the party? Most parents choose to have the party at home but Todd has performed in virtually every type of venue. Note: The show cannot be performed in noisy and crowded venues like pizza places, arcades and skating rinks unless they have a private party room with four walls and room on the floor for the kids to sit.

What if my child is shy? Todd is a kid show professional and he knows how to handle even the shy ones. If for any reason your child doesn't "warm up" and does not want to participate during the show, it's no big deal. In a circumstance like this, other kids will be chosen to take the place of the birthday boy or girl. Note: Your child will never be "forced" to do anything they do not want to do. 

Can we do a themed show? The magic show is written and choreographed with a standard "Happy Birthday" theme in mind. Due to the ever changing number of themes for parties, it would be impossible to match every theme.

Does Todd a bring a sound system? Yes, a professional sound system with music and a wireless headset microphone is provided so that everyone in the room can hear at all times. One standard electrical outlet is needed.  

Am I required to provide anything? Only a performance space with room on the floor for the kids. All professional road cases and props are provided for the show. 

What happens if Todd gets sick or has an emergency? If this should happen for any reason, we will do our very best to provide you with another magician of equal talent at the exact same price. We work with and know all of the excellent performers. We also know the "bad" ones and would never recommend any of them. If we cannot find another quality entertainer who is available to take Todd's place, your deposit will be refunded 100% and you will also receive a free party for next year. 

Is it okay to have other activities at the party? If you are planning to have a balloon artist, face painter, DJ or other activity, it is very important that those stop completely during the magic show. Please plan all other activities around the start and finish time of the show.


Is tipping required? No, tipping is not required at all but is always very much appreciated. 

Can we video record the show? Due to copyright laws, we cannot allow any video recording of the show whatsoever. Furthermore, no part of the show may be uploaded on the internet to websites such as YouTube. Please feel free to take all of the pictures that you want but no recording of any kind is allowed. Sorry- no exceptions!

Do you offer party decorations and invitations? We do not provide these at this time but know of the best site on the internet where you can find them. Just click here for details! Make sure to order early so that they arrive in time for the party. We are providing this website link as a courtesy to our busy parents and are not responsible for their terms and conditions.