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Award Winning Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer

Best Magician 4 Kids!

Award Winning Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer 4 Kids!

Dear Youth Services Librarian,

Getting kids interested in reading books and visiting the library can be pretty tough these days! Between television, the internet and video games, children often times lack the desire to open a good book and spend time reading. As a librarian, you have to come up with unique ways to get kids to the library and increase your circulation.

Todd McKinney is a "full time" professional children's entertainer who has been presenting library programs for almost two decades. His programs pack libraries throughout the state of Texas each and every summer. Now it's time to bring Todd to your library and teach your young patrons all about the fun of reading and checking out books.

Todd has an all new program for 2018 called, "LIBRARIES ROCK!" It's a fun-filled program which is themed to match the summer reading club. You'll see patrons lined up to check out scores of books after this exciting program. 

Librarians just like yourself all agree that Todd McKinney offers a "MUST HAVE" program every single year. In fact, many libraries book him every summer because he often breaks attendance records. Imagine having a program so popular that children and their parents request to have that presenter back year after year. Numerous Librarians have said that Todd ALWAYS draws the biggest crowds; beating even the animal guy and he is tough to compete with. 

PERFECT AMOUNT OF TIME: Todd's summer program is a solid 45 minutes of fun from start to finish. Since children have a limited attention span, this is the perfect amount of time to get them to stay "tuned in" to a live program. 

AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS: There is absolutely no better way to capture and keep the attention of kids than through the use of magic tricks. These tricks are used in a super fun way to teach the children about the fun of reading and signing up for your summer reading club. Get ready for a program that guarantees a new love for reading.

AGE APPROPRIATE HUMOR: Laughter is a sure fire way to insure success and get the kids in your community interested in checking out books. Side splitting and age-appropriate humor will keep the audience laughing and having a great time from start to finish. Todd is a hilarious comedy magician and master storyteller who uses the performing arts in a very unique way.

JOIN-IN-FUN: Rather than just watching the program, your young patrons will be invited to come up and participate during the program. Boys and girls both get to help make the "magic" happen during this explosion of fun, laughter and learning. 

REAL BOOKS IN THE SHOW: One of the secrets to getting children truly interested in reading is to use books that they know and recognize. You'll see popular children's books come to life during this magical presentation. This guarantees an instant increase in CIRCULATION at your library! 

A NEW SHOW EVERY YEAR:  Todd and his writing staff (many who are educators themselves) create and produce an all new show designed especially for the summer each year. Todd is not one of those presenters which recycles the same material year after year. His programs are always fresh, new and full of energy!

Todd McKinney is one of the top summer library entertainers and performers in Texas. Todd travels throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and lots of other areas presenting his educational library performances.

There are lots of summer reading library performers in Texas to choose from. Todd strives to be the presenter of choice who specializes in summer reading programs which match the reading theme each year. What sets Todd apart from most summer reading programs is that he performs at approximately 75-100 libraries each summer. This means he has the experience and the "know how" to entertain an audience of library patrons. Even more important, Todd combines is own love for reading into his programs. Therefore, you'll see not only a magic show but an educational program which promises to get kids excited about reading. Books will be flying off the shelves- guaranteed! 

Todd's high energy programs offer amazing magic tricks, storytelling, join-in-fun and audience participation for children of all ages. When searching for Texas summer reading library performers and programs near Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Todd McKinney promises to deliver unique and one-of-a-kind presentations.

Dedicated To Making Kids Fall In Love With Reading...