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Award Winning Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer

Best Magician 4 Kids!

Award Winning Comedy Magician & Educational Entertainer 4 Kids!

Dear School Representative:

Are you looking for exciting school assembly programs for the 2017 / 2018 school year that will inspire your students and impress the staff? If so, you've landed at the right spot.

Todd McKinney is an educational and motivational school assembly presenter who offers schools in Texas and surrounding states top notch programs that inspire students in a fun, positive and unique way. Todd is now in his 30th year of presenting school assembly programs. Now you can bring him to your campus and join in the excitement.

AMAZING MAGIC TRICKS: Children love watching magic! These tricks are used in a variety of ways to capture and keep the attention of your wonderful students. These tricks all have a special part in the program and they are used to teach students about the lesson plan being taught.

HILARIOUS "CLEAN" COMEDY: Every student will be laughing non-stop from the time the program starts to the very end. No need to worry about what your students will be exposed to because each program has been kid tested and staff approved!

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION: Getting children involved in the show is a sure fire way to insure success!  Everyone helps to make the "magic" happen and several lucky children will be invited to come up and participate in the program. Your students will love this part! 

MUSIC & MORE: Popular upbeat music, special effects and lots more make the programs fun and exciting to watch. Children will be sitting on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. 

* 45 Minutes Of Unbelievable Fun & Education

* Complete Control Of The Entire Audience

* Non-Stop Laughter From Your Students

* Targeted To Specific Grade Levels

* Designed To Fit Your Budget

Buddies Not Bullies: During this one-of-a-kind program, Todd will take your students on a journey to discover the "magic" which is inside all of us. By presenting a positive message, your students will understand the importance of treating every person equal and they will learn just how important respect and teamwork really is. According to hundreds of elementary and intermediate campuses, the message works and the students retain the information. This is Todd's #1 selling program!

Read To Succeed: Getting children interested in reading books these days can be tough! Between the television, the internet and video games, children often times lack the desire to open a good book and spend time reading. Todd's reading program is designed to get kids excited about books. You'll see an increase in circulation and a new excitement for reading from your students- guaranteed!

I Can Do It: Getting children to try their best and believe in themselves these days is not an easy task! In a world filled with negative images and thoughts, it can be very difficult for children to "stay on top" and achieve their very best. Introducing an educational assembly program guaranteed to motivate and inspire your students from start to finish. If you want to boost your students self-esteem, this is the program to go with. 

I Can Pass: Getting students prepared to take the STAAR test (formerly known as the TAKS test) can be difficult! These days the pressure to stay "on top" and pass such a big test can be hard. How do you make children understand the importance of trying their best and not giving up? Todd is proud to announce the only program of its kind in the state of Texas! In this exciting assembly, your students will learn the "secrets" to pass the big test.


The Right Choice (Red Ribbon): October means it is time to celebrate Red Ribbon month. Inspiring your students to make healthy choices is very important and something that should not be overlooked. How are you going to reach the students in your school? It's difficult to find professional assembly programs that will truly impact students and help them to make good choices each and everyday. Todd promises to deliver a "healthy" program for your school during Red Ribbon month that you won't soon forget. 

Todd McKinney is one of the top elementary school assembly presenters in Texas. Often called "The Best School Assembly We've Ever Had!" Todd travels throughout Texas to present his educational school assemblies and school shows to students. Since Todd performs "full time" this means he can bring his school shows to any city or town in Texas and surrounding states.

There are lots of school assembly programs to choose from in Texas today. Todd strives to be the assembly presenter of choice who specializes in important topics such as: Bullying, Reading, Self- Esteem, STAAR Testing and Drug Awareness (Red Ribbon). His high energy programs offer amazing magic tricks, storytelling, music, join-in-fun and audience participation for grades K-6th. Hundreds of Principals, Counselors, Teachers and PTA / PTO's hire Todd each year to motivate and inspire their students.  

When searching for school assembly programs and school shows in and near Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Todd McKinney promises to deliver unique and one-of-a-kind school presentations. 

Proudly serving these areas as: Texas elementary school assembly, Texas elementary assemblies and Texas elementary school shows on Bullying, STAAR Testing and Red Ribbon.

Dedicated To Making Your School Assembly Programs A Huge Success...